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How to build a $100,000/mo productized service.

Strategies to build and scale a productized service to $100,000 and beyond.

"All I can say is it’s an absolute gold mine 🤩!"
Dylan HarrocksFounder @ Nexus Creative

Build your dream productized service.

Everything you need to know to build, scale, and launch a productized service - by those who've been there before.

What's in the book?

160 pages to build your productized service


Learn how to find and validate your productized service idea and how to position it in the market.


How to package and price your services effectively


How to find your first customers and how to set predictable go-to-market strategies in place


Learn how to hire and manage a remote team of contractors and project managers to scale your productized service beyond yourself.

Operations and SOPs

Systemize the operations of your business and learn how to use the different software needed to run your productized service.


Learn what are the KPI's to track to grow your business.


Have questions about the Productize Playbook? Here are some of the most common questions and answers.

Who is this book for?

For freelancers and agency owners who want to create a repeatable and scalable agency. The Productize Book provides an actionable roadmap to find and validate an idea, find your first customers and create predictable marketing strategies, and scale operations by hiring and managing a team and creating SOPs.

What's inside the book?

It's 160 pages full of actionable content with case studies, examples, and advice.

Who's the author?

The book is written by Robin Vander Heyden who previously founded ManyPixels, a $100k+ MRR productized service. Nowadays, Robin runs ManyRequests, a client portal software for productized service and creative agencies.

By the founder of ManyPixels and ManyRequests

The Author

I previously built ManyPixels and most recently ManyRequests.

ManyPixels got to be a successful ($120,000+/mo) business, with a great team in place and healthy margins (60-70%) that even some SaaS businesses would envy!

The productized model helped me build something profitable but also reinvest in other things.

In 2019 I also sold ManyPixels (which I'll go through in the book!)

I hope you'll enjoy the book as much as I have writing it!



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Productize Playbook

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  • Actionable advice on productizing your services
  • Case studies of other productized services
  • Mistake to avoid
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